Why Us – Liner Products

Liner Products is Committed to Providing Reliable, High Performance CIPP Tubes Through Dedication to Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation.


Our meticulous standards and ISO 9001 certified quality system make Liner Products the industry leader for CIPP tubes that consistently perform beyond your expectations. Rigorous standards and controls have been established throughout the supply chain to ensure quality for all raw materials.

Quality assurance testing is performed on site for materials, manufacturing processes, and finished tubes to ensure conformance with customer specifications. Our tubes comply with industry standards, including ASTM D5813, ASTM F1216, and ASTM F1743.


Liner Products manufactures tubes from 3 to 120 inches in diameter and thicknesses up to 85 mm. We produce liners for a variety of installation methods, including inversion, pull-in and inflate, and traditional pull-in-place.

Our tubes are designed for curing with hot water, steam or UV light and come in an extensive variety of felt and coating combinations to optimize performance. Liner Products can handle even the most complex of projects with fully customized tubes, including transitions and splices.


Liner Products offers a full team of support, engineering and logistics mangers to work with you to develop solutions that ensure your product is designed and delivered right, giving you comfort in knowing that the CIPP tubes will more than meet expectations for your projects. We understand the importance of prompt and reliable delivery.

Our short lead times and ability to expedite urgent orders keep your operations flexible, cost effective, and responsive to your clients’ needs. Logistics management from order to delivery is integral to our quality system. Our logistics experience is especially important for time sensitive deliveries such as emergency situations and over-the hole wet outs.

Built for Reliability. Engineered for Performance.

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